At this turning of the midpoint of the calendar year, we feel the fires of transformation forge forward once again. As we move out of the retrograde energies of May, we begin to gain traction in new ways. For those in the Northern hemisphere, these gains will largely be felt in the outer landscape - where Fire burns bright and offers the catalyst for power and momentum. Those in the southern hemisphere will find this momentum guiding them deeper into the inner landscape, where Fire serves to warm the hearth and provide light during the lengthening of the night. In both cases, tend to your digestion this month - as Fire governing our Health and Well-being can be a harbinger of inflammation and excess “heat.” Use this element to your advantage and it will serve you well. Left untended Fire can do more harm than good. Time guiding our Heart and Relationships has us re-prioritizing the people in our lives and the threads that we tend. If you contracted during the retrogrades of May, consider reconnecting now and bringing fresh eyes to the dynamics between you and yours. We get a fun pulse of levity and magic with Elementals guiding our Prosperity and Abundance this month. What a fun card to piggyback on the West energies of May. 2022 may prove to be one of the most universally opportune tides of economic potential in many generations if we claim the opportunity to invite ourselves to envision what could be possible. This would be a great month to explore new pathways for income or revenue. Hold your intentions lightly and extend gratitude for blessings already on their way. #MysticsAlmanacForecast

Posted by The Mystics Oracle at 2022-06-05 17:18:50 UTC