I’ve been noticing and feeling the energies of division in our culture, and our world. At times it feels as though we are moving backward in our quest for a more unified and peaceful world. When I feel this way, it’s time to look within and see where I am creating disruption within myself and my world. This reflection brings me back to Peacemaking. I first learned about Peacemaking from Jon Young, founder of 8 Shields. Peacemaking, as it was first taught to me, is a deep tradition with an ancient Native American lineage, and it has profoundly affected my life. Other cultures have parallel traditions: Ahimsa, or non-violence, from India, was foundational to Gandhi's human rights work in South Africa and India; Ho'oponopono from Hawaii is an ancient Hawaiian peacemaking practice of reconciliation and forgiveness; Certain branches of Buddhism's eightfold path are deeply informed by a peacemaker ethic; And core Christian teachings such as "love thy neighbor" and "treat others as you would have them treat you" are deep peacemaking principles. Unfortunately, in our often competitive world, peacemaking is not only undervalued, but it is also largely unknown. It is present though. I see pockets of peacemaker concepts in methodologies like Nonviolent Communication and Conscious Parenting, but how can we learn it and apply it to the right livelihood and mystic business? If you are on this right livelihood journey, you are on a personal development path that will not happen in a vacuum. Family members, partners, and clients are points of contact. They are the surface area that allows us to see ourselves in the mirror and use our tools of consciousness. At these points of contact, you need to speak - and listen - so you can hear each other. You need to be able to work together towards a common goal and resolve conflict. Ultimately, peacemaking is about finding ways to enjoy the process while we learn and grow. By "enjoy," I don't mean that this is always going to be fun. Rather, we learn through peacemaking to appreciate and accept all of our experiences, even those which are most uncomfortable and challenging. Read more to find out the set of guidelines for peacemaking that I would like to share.

Posted by The Mystics Oracle at 2022-05-23 17:25:14 UTC