In 2022 we will see more people continue to search urgently for wholeness, meaning, and alignment in the way that they both earn their livelihoods and conduct business. As folks experience the sustained burnout of not acting in Sacred Commerce and Prosperity, we will see it manifesting at every layer from gig economy workers, employees, managers, entrepreneurs, as well as partners and executives. We will see more folks willing and starting to walk away and towards opportunities that are fostered in mutual respect, sharing, and community. This will ramp up as the violence of toxic environments and paradigms are no longer tenable. As folks get further glimpses into what is possible within upright spiritual/humane alignment found and honored in sacred commerce, we will see more pocket communities, endeavors, and workplaces that are attempting to live into that shift. Find out the inquiries that help guide and align us in our Sacred Commerce and Prosperity.

Posted by The Mystics Oracle at 2022-05-13 21:34:25 UTC