I love sharing gratitude. It’s so much better than building connection through trauma, it’s building connection through resiliency. The traumas of life don’t necessarily go away, but our response to them and our experience of them can shift in profound ways. Something beautiful happens when we begin to share gratitude with each other. Gratitude can help us develop a different perspective on our difficulties and our suffering. It can help us to remember that there are people who care about us and who have felt the same pain and have survived it (or are still surviving it). Gratitude not only reminds us that there is a way out of our struggles, but that other people have walked the road before us and can show us the way. Here are five reasons why gratitude can change your life; 1) Gratitude helps prevent burnout 2) It reduces stress 3) It boosts your mood 4) It improves sleep 5). Gratitudes help with self-esteem

Posted by The Mystics Oracle at 2022-04-14 00:22:10 UTC