During this Mercury Retrograde, I’ve had a few experiences of feeling stuck in a mental/emotional whirlpool. My thoughts and feelings swirl around indistinguishable from each other. I keep second guessing myself. What’s true? Who is right? What the best thing to do? This whirlpool feels chaotic and confusing — not at all a place I want to react or respond from. In these overwhelming moments, all I want is an oracle-therapist-fairy-godmother to detangle the mess and tell me exactly what I need to do next. I know there isn’t a fairy tale quick fix for these moments of internal turmoil, but there are practices we can draw on to mitigate the chaos. When I watched this earlier this week, I felt: ...seen and understood as Lindsay described the paradox of trying to reconcile “my thoughts/reasoning” with “my intuition/feeling”, an external “reality” with my internal “knowing.” ...a modicum of peace as she laid out how to use this framework to step outside of the swirl and find my footing in an observer’s perspective. ...a spark of curiosity (and hopeful about my own self-agency) as she asked me to think about how my worried/fearful thoughts impact my body, and vice versa.

Posted by The Mystics Oracle at 2023-09-15 02:03:27 UTC