If you are not in an intimate relationship with your fear, it is time to ask questions and identify where fear has hidden itself, where it is unconsciously at play in your life. Though fear may have a seat at the table, it need not hold control. Instead, you can use fear to guide you to your needs. By exploring your fear, you can better understand your boundaries, your desires, your wounds in need of healing, and your vision for healing. Fear can protect you from putting yourself in danger, but, more often, fear keeps you from truly claiming your power. Fear is the enemy of empowerment. As patriarchy crumbles, the fear it has used as its primary weapon upon the people will wither. Pull out the roots of fear that have planted themselves in your soul. Reach out, connect, stand in the face of that which you fear (especially when it is in the mirror), and listen to what fear has to say. You may find it to be power in fear’s clothing. You are ready to claim your full power.

Posted by The Mystics Oracle at 2023-09-12 20:00:01 UTC