Your daily Mystics Oracle Card for today, August 29, 2023, is Elementals. Before you forgot, or were trained not to see, you saw all. As a baby, you were captivated by the elementals all around you. Have you maintained the ability to navigate the realms of curiosity, imagination, and wonder? Few remember how to “see” the magic all around, and, yet, many are reawakening to vision. You are being called to remember your connection to the unseen realms all around you. Soften your grip and your glance, breathe, and allow. Notice the light dancing on the water and the soft dappling beneath the willow tree. What sounds do you hear on the breeze? What messages waft your way from the lavender plant? When remembering, you accelerate your ability to “see” and “know” again by using the art of questioning. “Hello there, my name is _____, thank you for being here and sharing your magic and medicine. What messages do you have for me?” So much magic and “lightness” awaits. What would it be to believe? Access today's Inhibitors, Allies, and more tools in the 2023 Mystics Almanac available in our shop. #MysticsOracleDeck

Posted by The Mystics Oracle at 2023-08-29 07:01:01 UTC