When it comes to our health and wellbeing, we are being reminded to “face our fears” this month. Fear shows itself in the seat of our Health and Wellbeing this month. Resist the trap of interpreting this as “bad” or negative. Fear is real. Fear is here. But how you learn to walk with Fear will be the deciding factor. What you do with your life and your health (mind, body and spirit) is up to you. You hold the wand. Imagine the power and the freedom that brings, while identifying where you may have blocks holding you back from this truth. What stories have you been told to the contrary? What evidence have you seen that seems to imply you are not in the driver’s seat? This month your permissions for designing a life that is truly thriving, resonant and prosperous are illuminated for your review. Who has their foot on the brake of your destiny? Is it you? By facing your fears you can reset those permissions and begin to move forward in new, potent and aligned ways. Fear can be your ally and your guide if you let it. Ask yourself, “what lies on the other side of my fear?” Make your decisions and choices from there. You know what you desire to see manifest into form. Let’s make it so. This month your permissions for holding steady in the face of uncertainty are being brought to the forefront so that you can embody true resonance within. This month Inner energies will aid you in seeing what is really important in the relationships around you. You’ll be guided to prioritize intimate matters of the heart and to let those relationships that really matter to you guide your choices and actions. If you are feeling uncertain about matters of the heart, best to look for the guiding light and inner knowing. Get quiet. Go inward either in self- reflection or together with those that matter to you most. In the broader context of our social systems this month, it will be interesting to see what unity is wanting to be found to help us align ourselves to common goals and common good. Really claim the vision of the highest good for one and all. Inner here guiding us in what is ostensibly an “outer” transformational lever encourages us to hone our inner navigation systems as they relate to the whole. It’s time. When it comes to our finances this month, we see the Ancestors card guiding the way. The Ancestors card ushers in two primary lessons you may want to apply to your money matters. First, be thinking about the legacy or money story that influences your financial choices. Similar to the inverse tenet of the “seven generations” which represent all that flows downstream from your choices now, the Ancestors remind us to look at all that has come before. Our money story and our imprint for money is hugely influenced by what we learned as children from the adults around us, the economic paradigms present during our childhood, as well as ancestral or cultural wounding that may be present in our DNA. Bring conscious awareness to old patterns that may want to be released as you discern where your resources are best allocated this month. By taking inventory in this way you ensure you have claimed all the “lessons” from the past and position yourself with more freedom going forward. - Lindsay

Posted by The Mystics Oracle at 2023-09-01 07:01:03 UTC