Over many years in my work with movements, I have learned that the change and transformation we want to see externally must be preceded by internal change, individually as well as collectively. The “big shoes” our new world requires us to walk in also require “big feet.” Blessedly, this is not a new journey we have to do alone. Our ancestors, guides and our own deep knowing wait for us to understand the ebbs and flows that true transformation requires. They wait for us to listen, to use the tools that are right at our disposal and to hold the journey with both hands as lightly as we can. And we have one another. Each one of us came into form at this time for this purpose. We laid this path before our very own feet. So, the real question before us is: can we walk a path where we both need to turn inward for our guidance as well as connect to one another? Can we truly link our self-care and inner work to our commitment to community care and a radical shift in power and values in our societies? Can we mine the depths of the lulls for wisdom, growth and guidance? I believe not only that we can, but that we must. There is no way through to the promised land for the individual that does not also provide a way there for the collective. There is no collective gain without each individual tending with love and care to their own inner work.

Posted by The Mystics Oracle at 2023-08-24 20:40:07 UTC