Your daily Mystics Oracle Card for today, August 24, 2023 is Earth. You are infinite and one. You came into this life in your form to experience what it is to live with a body, with relations, with love and light incarnate. Earth is your mother. You have been held to her from the very first moment. Gravity holds you to this earth without your effort or intention. It is your birthright to be held and provided for by this glorious earth. Your true abundance and prosperity lies not in your ability to “dream it” or “attract it.” It lies in your ability to ground it and bring it into form. There is only one place from which you can manifest your dreams, and that place is RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW. Get grounded. Get your feet on the earth and remember that this life is a gift (with all its challenges and celebrations). You do not receive the blessings of this life on earth because of what you do or who you are. You receive them because you are. Access today's Inhibitors, Allies, and more tools in the 2023 Mystics Almanac available in our app. #MysticsOracleDeck

Posted by The Mystics Oracle at 2023-08-24 07:01:00 UTC