Your "Heart & Relationships" lever is one of the key ways the Universe affects change in your life. The energies that govern the heart help us either feel deeper connection and love or potentially the opposite, more loneliness and disconnect. Understanding the energies for the year as they pertain to your heart can help you claim both the flow and connection you seek. For 2022 the Relationship Forecast is one of empathy, commitment, and compassion. As a collective we are being guided to lead with love and tolerance, to celebrate our differences, and to work together to support each other. Throughout the course of the year, we see a focus move from connection with the broader outside world into a focus more on the personal or intimate relationships that mean most to us. This is a time to really prioritize what "matters" to you most. When it comes to matters of the heart this year - you can truly "let love rule"Know how to best navigate the shifting paradigms in our social systems and political structures with the Mystics Almanac.

Posted by The Mystics Oracle at 2022-03-08 17:00:38 UTC