Surrender makes its first appearance in 2023 governing our Prosperity and Abundance. Surrender energies are not about abdication or bypassing. This is not the time to ignore your finances by any means. Instead, strive to loosen your grip on money in order to allow the changes that are trying to manifest to come into form. Surrender reminds us that there is benefit to releasing what does not serve you. Old stories. Old patterns. Go ahead and set them down. Surrender in the realm of your finances benefits from trust, reassurance and circles of support. Perhaps it is time to find a mentor to guide you into Sacred Commerce. Although it can be scary to surrender when it comes to our money, do your best to identify where you are holding on too tightly, as it can restrict the flow of abundance. Use the affirmation “I let go” - again, not to avert your eyes from the truth of your financial matters, but from a place of letting God / Goddess take the wheel. Trust in the divine unfolding. Strive to strive a little less. Surrender is one of the surest paths to righting any imbalance on your “return on energy.” Rest and allow where you can.

Posted by The Mystics Oracle at 2023-08-18 20:05:01 UTC