One of the resounding messages from our Mystics Oracle reading this month was, "Don’t be afraid to examine any and all aspects of your life from a new vantage point of what serves you most, what feels most resonant to your soul." As we enter the last week of July, we're sharing a video from Lindsay's "Third Door" series that will inspire you to courageously examine the stories that may be unconsciously directing your life. So many of us have inherited stories from our families or society that held a great deal of dysfunction or pathology. What we can begin to do is live a life by a story that isn't actually reflective of who we really are. Much of the work we have to do as Mystics — of cultivating awareness, reigniting intuition, and shedding external influence — is the work of shedding the stories of others. It's the first step of gaining awareness. What is really yours?

Posted by The Mystics Oracle at 2023-07-27 23:00:02 UTC