Your daily Mystics Oracle Card for today, July 25, 2023 is South. The south is life force energy, passion, and play. In the south, find the energy and inspiration to do the good work, to “chop wood and carry water.” South is also the direction of manifesting in form and of the divine goddess herself. Allow the divine feminine to take the wheel. Allow yourself to be journeyed toward your destiny as you take the aligned action steps that resonate with your heart. Find ways to play and delight yourself and others along the way. When you feel distant from your heart, your desires, and your innate wellspring of energy, channel the light of the summer sun, the warmth, the fire, the light. The south will anchor your dreams in powerful and potent ways. Let the sunshine in. Access today's Inhibitors, Allies, and more tools in the 2023 Mystics Almanac available in our shop. #MysticsOracleDeck

Posted by The Mystics Oracle at 2023-07-25 07:01:09 UTC