The west is the bridge to all that has gone before, and the bridge back to where we came. West is the direction of the beauty way, and of grace. Picture in your mind’s eye the beauty of a sunset with hues of orange, purple, and blue. The west and the setting sun beckon you to pause, soak in the moment, and enjoy the now. In the west you are greeted by gratitude, one of the most potent teachers and healers of this human journey. You are being called upon to draw on the magic of the west. Give thanks for all who have gone before. Give thanks for what is real and true in your life. Give thanks for blessings already on their way. Your ancestors are cheering you on and trying to remind you to seek the beauty all around. Good things come to those who pause to give thanks. To learn more, order your copy of the 2023 Mystic Almanac now!

Posted by The Mystics Oracle at 2023-07-18 20:00:03 UTC