Over the coming weeks, we'll guide you through the key astrological and energetic milestones of this year, matching you with timely Tools & Teachings from the Mystic Archives to help you harness the power of each energetic moment. Are you ready to take the first step with us? As the Oracle Forecast said last week, July's energy is readying us to ask the big questions. This month is the perfect time bring curiosity and courage to all aspects of your life — examine your Heart, Body, Spirit, Friendships, Family, Community, Purpose, Service, Safety... any and all of your life domains. What feels alive? What feels generative? What feels confusing? What feels resonant? What feels dull? Make sure to open your email to receive your FREE Life Wheel worksheet. Creating a Life Wheel will give you a baseline for our co-creation and manifestation for the coming weeks. You will map out where your priorities are - and where there are gaps that you want to explore. Below you'll find a link to download a PDF worksheet to introduce you to the Life Wheel and give you instructions for making your own. This work in creating the picture of your life is the first step in our journey. And from there we can begin to track ourselves to it, manifest toward it, and share it so we can activate the co-creative process.

Posted by The Mystics Oracle at 2023-07-12 22:00:45 UTC