Twenty years ago, I took a leap of faith, bidding farewell to the bustling Silicon Valley and my corporate career. Little did I know that this bold move would lead me to a place called Hawks' Perch, a haven nestled between San Francisco and Los Angeles on California's serene central coast. In those early days, my family and I were city dwellers unprepared for the challenges and lessons that awaited us on our multi-generational homestead. With every mistake we made, we learned invaluable lessons about resilience and the magic that lies within embracing a simpler life. During this transformative period, my children, Cricket, Ember, and Sage, were born and raised amidst the almond trees. They infused our days with wonder, becoming the very essence of the magic that has propelled us forward all these years. After the move to Hawk's Perch, I couldn't resist the allure of using my skills and experiences to support local educational non-profits. I discovered that my corporate background was an invaluable asset to organizations lacking access to such resources. It was during this time that I truly embraced the concept of Right Livelihood — the convergence of Soul Purpose & Path, Sacred Commerce, and Leadership & Legacy. Guided by these principles, I embarked on a mission to inspire others to align their work with their deepest calling — thus the seeds for the Mystics Society were planted. Over the past decade, through our Mystics Society community, I have been privileged to guide countless individuals through our programs, apps, masterminds, workshops, conferences, courses, and retreats. Witnessing their transformation and witnessing their journeys towards their own Right Livelihood has been a profound honor. This year, as my second child sets off for college, I have felt the deep calling to return to the very essence that propelled me to embark on this extraordinary adventure. I yearned for the gift of "pause" — a space for reflection, growth, and reconnection with the wellspring of inspiration that first guided me. I have often shared the power of claiming a "pause" as fertile ground for creation, fulfillment, and manifestation. Whether it's a breath within your day or an hour out of your week, this blessed practice yields dividends beyond imagination. To honor the call for this profound pause, I am embarking on a journey of utmost importance. I am taking a sabbatical from most client work and many of our programs to make space for the meaningful projects beckoning for more attention: I plan to be more present for my family as we navigate the transitions that lie ahead. I seek the freedom to wander through unscheduled days, to dance beneath the enchanting moon cycles. I will dedicate my creative hours to the completion of the second book in the Mystics Path series, entitled "Mystic Motherhood." I aim to bring the sixth annual Mystics Almanac to life in 2024. During my sabbatical, I will still continue working with a select group of women founders, supporting them on their own remarkable journeys. And when I'm not deep in the magic of family, writing, or wandering the orchard, I will be attuned to the inner drumbeat, following the ethereal melodies that resonate with the muse's gentle whispers on the wind. Before I depart, I want to express my deepest gratitude to my extraordinary team, my cherished clients, and this incredible community that has embraced me with open arms. Your unwavering support and understanding during this time are truly humbling. Though I may not be as visible during these next 6 months, I will remain connected and may even make an occasional appearance as the energies align. Already, profound Messages from the Ethers are surfacing through the stillness as the clamor of competing voices fades away and the pace of life gracefully slows on the path that stretches before me. Until we meet again, hold your Almanac close, cradle your Mystic Oracle in your hand, and know that you are divinely guided, fiercely protected, and abundantly blessed. - Lindsay

Posted by The Mystics Oracle at 2023-07-01 23:00:48 UTC