Time to put your mone/nerg/y where your mouth is. What budget needs to be in place, what resource categories need to be accounted for, what investments need to be made to align what you have with what you want to manifest now? Is your spending in the right order? Are you nourishing what you desire to grow? Meditate on integrity; assess what’s working and what needs restructuring. Reflect on your own economic system (from the Greek oikos nomia = management of home). How can you emulate the wisdom of Earth’s natural ecosystem inputs and outputs? Give generously from a place of secure abundance; receive generously from a place of dignified worth. Value all that you have, or give it away. - Katina July's Astrology Forecast is brought to you by our resident astrologer Katina Castillo.

Posted by The Mystics Oracle at 2023-06-27 19:16:26 UTC