~ Shamanism with Keno Powers ~ Keno Powers is one of the most potent healers and creatives I have been blessed to encounter in this lifetime. He is also one of the most profoundly humble, kind and aware individuals I’ve met walking this path of new paradigm business and “Right Livelihood.” Keno is not only a new paradigm financial healer and planner, he is a remote and hands-on healer and the channel for healing arts that include creating feather fans and rattles created following original instructions he has been blessed with via his mentors in form and beyond that are unparalleled in both their beauty and their magic. In this precious interview Keno shares with deep reverence the stories of how he came to be a “white man” doing sacred shamanic work in the world - and also shares the intimate and moving challenges he has overcome - both personal and financial - to arrive in the place where his own journey and gifts can now serve so many others that find their way to him. If ever there were a person who embodies the magic of “random acts of kindness” it is this man - with his deep listening skills and thoughtful choice of words - I was moved to tears several times during this exchange and feel so blessed to have crossed paths with this enlightened bridgewalker - not “random” in the least - I am sure. I do hope you enjoy this interview and find your way into Keno’s circles as well - I believe you will find them to be both healing, and inspiring. With love and gratitude... xo Lindsay

Posted by The Mystics Oracle at 2023-08-26 20:30:12 UTC