~ Finding Presence with Molly Knight Forde ~ I was facilitating a Welcoming and Thanksgiving Address at the BeGreat Conference in Seattle when I felt the presence of a deep connecting energy and bright light from the audience. The presence was emanating from a powerful but loving force of a woman at one of the middle tables. After my facilitation, she approached me immediately and spoke of how much the Welcoming resonated with her and spoke to what she believes in - and guides others to find - truths of connection, of gratitude as a grounding force, and of deep nature connection. Her name is Molly Knight Forde - and I feel blessed to no end that our paths crossed on that misty Seattle day. I have since had the pleasure to grow in relationship to Molly and I now know her as a powerful teacher of presence, personal alignment and transformation. Molly guides from a place of compassion, inspiration and thoughtful inquiry. She weaves a personal history of classical piano, dance and energy work to help people come into new relationships with their bodies and mind, and goals and dreams. It was my supreme honor to interview Molly for the Lost Arts Series...Molly is a living walking example of harmony in form. Her presence is activating, her joy is infectious, and I hope you enjoy. xo Lindsay

Posted by The Mystics Oracle at 2023-08-05 20:15:01 UTC