Our path as Mystics is a journey of alignment. It’s about becoming who we are meant to be through expanded awareness and access to the Mystic realm. The first step into alignment is standing still for a moment. Old patterns of struggling and grinding come to a halt when you choose to Pause... When Lindsay (our Mystic Oracle) starts her sabbatical, we will also be pressing pause on some features here in The Mystics Almanac App. On July 1, we will temporarily close The Mystics Society section of this app for renovations. Last year, we moved the society away from Facebook to this app, with the intention of serving you in a private cocoon away from FB’s noisy feed. Since the move, sadly, engagement has not been the same. So during Lindsay's sabbatical, we will be taking the opportunity to reflect, research, and renovate within The Mystics Society, with the intention of returning stronger than ever in January 2024! Please comment below or reach out to our team directly with questions at info@mysticssociety.com.

Posted by The Mystics Oracle at 2023-06-07 18:59:00 UTC