Love is a way of being and isn't dependent on a result. It is a vibration that you come into resonance with, like a tuning fork, and your love vibration contributes to the growing love song that is enveloping the planet. One of my favorite love path practices is to envision a vast River of Love flowing through the ethers, just above our heads. When I need to feel the love, I raise my hand so that it is submerged in the river. I open my own energy to allow the love vibration to flow into my hand and move into my whole body. I become part of the River of Love and sense my whole being raised into the vibration of it. How does love become an instinct? How does it become second nature that love is your "go-to" response? It takes practice, of course, but even more importantly, it takes intention. It takes a decision on your part that you will always choose the love response. It takes believing at your core that every response can be traced to love or fear, and that you have decided to choose love. You have decided that every time, you will choose love. Your intention is always love. Once this happens, you will be given many opportunities to practice this intention, and you will get better and better at it. Over time, you will forget your intention less frequently, and you will find the love response with more ease. Love WILL become an instinct.

Posted by The Mystics Oracle at 2023-06-29 22:00:03 UTC