Our existence and our world(s) are multidimensional, and it is important, especially as a Mystic, to live life fully in multiple dimensions and in the astral plane. This lets you not only replenish but also receive the downloads and guided information that are imperative for you to be, remain well and service others and the Planet. The interconnection between humans and the Planet will continue to be front and center this year. It will be so in an even heightened way given the new Earthly problems, wildfires, floods and other catastrophic events that will continue to plague our planet until wild, decisive and bold action is taken to remedy and to counter the damage that’s already been done. Make no mistake, we are NOT doomed nor is the planet doomed. Rather, we are being shaken and shaken again so the mindset, the thinking, and the energetic and monetary structures that have focused on an extraction approach turn into ones of cohesive living and True Stewardship of our Planet. You – as Mystics – have a key role to play in supporting harmonious living within yourselves, your Souls AND our Planet - Mother Earth.

Posted by The Mystics Oracle at 2023-06-15 22:56:00 UTC