Here is an invitation to use this astrological portion of the Almanac as a guidance and learning tool. Instead of taking it in purely at face value, you are encouraged to interact with the information to strengthen your own intuitive, astrological, numerological, and divinatory knowledge and skills: 1. Contemplate the months within their seasonal context. Apply what you know of each season’s spiritual significance in addition to the channeled messages. As always, receive what resonates and leave out the rest. 2. The traditional Rider-Waite Tarot and our very own Mystics Oracle deck were used in divination to intuitively guide the interpretation of the astrological alignments. Read and reflect on these cards’ themes to personalize their meaning to your experience. 3. Research the meaning of the days’ astrology transits and, ideally, how they interact with your natal birth chart. Also, pay attention to repeating degree numbers of where the planets align - does their numerology mean anything to you? What do you make of this significance for the collective? 4. TRACK THE MOON. Other than new and full moons, lunar phases and planetary aspects are not included here because there are so many each month! Luna changes signs roughly every 2.5 days and has the most dramatic influence on our mood, especially as womb carriers, as she stirs our internal waters like tides of the ocean. Tracking our Moon, like tracking our menstrual cycle, is an ancient act of empowerment and revolutionary resistance to the Industrial Age split of spirit and matter - plus it might save your relationship(s)! I am honored to share the gifts of this wisdom with you and wish you a graceful, peaceful, joyful, ever-abundant journey of growth. See you in the Mystics App for in-depth monthly forecasts ;)

Posted by The Mystics Oracle at 2023-06-08 22:53:00 UTC