“Even though shift towards an expanded working awareness of your truth can absolutely happen in a quantum leap, more often than not, it’s a gradual process and requires a lot of conscious effort.” ~ The Mystics Path At this turning of the midpoint of the calendar year, we see an interesting energetic pattern that moves us from inner to outer. Consciousness guiding our health and wellbeing is a natural and potent progression from the Discernment that May brought. Now that you see more clearly, how will you invite that knowing to inform your thinking and actions? Don’t be afraid to “face facts'' this month as they relate to your health; it's a good time for informed awareness. Transformation guiding our Heart and Relationships has us honoring the shifts in how we connect with the people in our lives and the threads that we tend. If you got more clear on where you want to go with your relationships last month, consider speaking those truths now and bringing fresh light to the dynamics between you and yours. Change is afoot, but it can be in service to deeper connection and a more aligned co-existence. We get a much needed opportunity to invite new pathways to abundance this month as Outer guides our Prosperity and Abundance. What a powerful card to piggyback on the North energies of May. Once you set your sights on your goals and intentions, there is no stopping you. With Outer energies afoot, this would be a great month to show the world what you have to offer and the value you create with your unique perspective and gifts. Don’t be afraid to connect and be visible this month! There is magic in the outer landscape. - Lindsay Want to gain peace of mind to carry you through the entire year? Order your 2023 Mystics Almanac today!

Posted by The Mystics Oracle at 2023-06-01 07:01:09 UTC