We're on the brink of a new month — it's time to celebrate and rest however you can. It's also a Full Moon week, which is all about culmination and release. So I'd like to share about the magic of core routines in helping you create a time to celebrate, rest, release, and PAUSE. Intentionally structuring your day is a powerful way to influence your own experience. A core routine is a little moment of mystic activation you intentionally work into your day. By crafting and honoring your core routines, you make sure that you get to consistently experience a certain intention, feeling, state, or idea—bringing your full wheel into your everyday life. Your core routines can help you develop your intuition, cultivate resonance, and support your life force and flow in your personal life AND your business.

Posted by The Mystics Oracle at 2023-05-31 16:10:51 UTC