Are you familiar with "Imago" cells? It’s that phase of metamorphosis between the caterpillar and the butterfly where all there is is mush, potential, and magic! Imago cell time is the imaginal phase. A phase of pure possibility. It’s “The Pause.” Sometimes The Pause presents itself without invitation, and it can feel like a big block: Why is this so hard? Why am I stuck? When it catches you by surprise, the Pause may be a tough, but powerful, teacher inviting us to surrender. You might have the urge to force your way through, but instead, The Pause wants you to open new doorways through fear and doubt, to move forward in alignment on your divine path. But The Pause doesn't have to "happen" to you — you can push that button ANY time as needed. In fact… Our founder @lindsaypera (Good ole' Gratitude Girl as we call her) is about to tap the Pause Button herself. Starting July 1st, she will be going on a six-month Sabbatical... We are so excited to share more about this journey with her. So much goes into a sabbatical, it's not just a pause, but is birthed of tapping into resonance and Rightlivelihood that allows for such a sacred pause. To hear more about the story, be sure you are subscribed to our newsletter. Over the next few weeks, Lindsay will be sharing about what is present coming into the moment, what will be present to during, and what we hope will be born of such a journey.

Posted by Sherrie at 2023-05-24 00:29:33 UTC