The oracle energies this month seek to offer a litmus for what conscious aligned choices to make and where to “set your sights.” There may be feelings of “not knowing” this month. As we move out of the retrograde energies, maybe you aren’t sure of the path forward. Or maybe you are seeking something that hasn’t quite brought itself into view yet. Discernment and North energies spanning your three transformational levers of health, heart and prosperity this month give you support in knowing how to make key choices and be guided by what matters to you most. Discernment and North energies help us make good decisions. One helps us move from judgement into aligned action. And the other guides us when we feel lost or uncertain. Let yourself be guided and lean into trust. You are safe when you let yourself get truly present to the goals before you. - Lindsay For more about what is to come this month download the Mystics Almanac.

Posted by The Mystics Oracle at 2023-05-02 04:07:00 UTC