Happy Spring Equinox! The March Equinox, or spring equinox, is one of two days a year when both day and night are equal in length. In the Northern Hemisphere, astronomers and scientists use this month's equinox as the start of spring, which ends on the June solstice and marks the beginning of astronomical summer. What can you do to honor the March Equinox you ask? Well here are a few things I'd recommend you get set up… 1. Build Your Altar… We do this by creating a physical space to honor the seasons, and through that, we are also honoring ourselves and our connection to the earth. Gather any candles, cloth, herbs, flowers, food, and symbols that align with your hemisphere and use your space to meditate, journal, pray, or just be - be true to yourself and any unique way you choose to honor this event 2. Start Planning New Projects… It is a time for fresh starts - you can do anything now, be anything. Just set your mind to it and go. Find creative ways to track your progress while always remembering that it's never too late to begin again 3. Reset Your Space… If you've been meaning to declutter your space, whether that's your home, office, car, handbag, or any of the numerous places we visit every day, then do so now. Spring cleaning is satisfying for many reasons - it is in this season that we say goodbye to things that no longer serve us

Posted by The Mystics Oracle at 2023-03-22 03:40:42 UTC