The time has come to rise up, sweet Child. Yes – we’ve reiterated this because the timeliness and need for your service has only amplified. The world doesn’t need more doers; it needs more Mystics. Mystics are the Saviors of this world because they can see through the realms. They can connect the realms of the seen and the unseen, and they can birth and bring forth new paradigms, healing codes, techniques and so much more that is required to hold the healing energy for the planet right now. Do not underestimate your role or your capacity to affect change. Rather, focus on what you CAN do right now and what is POSSIBLE to change in this moment. Keep your eyes on the ball AND ALSO on the future. You are doing double time (if we are to work in the space/time continuum). This means focus on action that’s immediate AND also on the bigger picture and the paradigms you are shifting. These actions are equally valid, for they quench the thirst of the immediate needs that are so prevalent right now while also course correcting, abolishing and demolishing archaic structures and paradigms that make our societies and our planet sick with worry, with malice and unsupportive energy. Focus on the positive and on what’s good always. This is especially the case right now, given your heightened and empathic awareness of everything that’s happening in the world. Focus (your) JOY. Focus on (your) LOVE. Focus on POSSIBILITY. Focus on RADICAL LOVE AND RADICAL CHANGE. Focus on the NOW and the FOREVER.

Posted by The Mystics Oracle at 2023-03-06 20:00:02 UTC