If you are on a journey to find yourself, to live your purpose, and be who you are really meant to be, then where are you now, who are you now, what are you doing, and why? The Mystics Path is the journey of alignment through expanded awareness and access to the mystic realm. It's about becoming who we are meant to be. Why embark on this path? Why take the leap and invite disruption to the status quo? Why sacrifice what is for and what could be? The Mystics Path can be your journey back home. There are no wrong turns. Everything is in its right place, beginning with you. All is right. All is in divine timing. Right here, we give gratitude for blessings already on their way in choosing to proceed. Learn more and get my copy now >>> https://www.modernmysticsinstitute.com/mysticspathbook

Posted by The Mystics Oracle at 2023-02-23 04:35:59 UTC