Are you feeling the call? The call to consciously craft and curate? Leaning into the invitation is to consciously discern as you curate your energy, efforts, initiatives and schedules heading into this later part of the year. Like the bonsai we create art and beauty and magic by knowing what to trim and what to nurture. Start with your inner rings - self and spirit - and move to the outer rings of your family, relationships and livelihood. If you are hearing the call to cultivate something new will you consider joining us for Business by the Beach? This 3 day event is not just about your right livelihood it's about calling in alignment across your rings for wholeness. Your energy and resources are SO valuable. Know that you don't have to choose between prosperity and purpose. Come to restore your creative your energy, leave with a plan for your sacred work.

Posted by lindsaypera at 2023-02-14 01:59:20 UTC