Getting cheeky with the Chief. The Fireman had his official badge pinning today. Battalion Chief he is. It was a more emotional ceremony than I anticipated as 33 firefighters received their badges ~ new firefighters, captains, and two chiefs. It was the first time since Covid the department has honored these hires and promotions. These folks worked on the front lines through all the twists and turns and not knowing of it all. Adored seeing all the families. So moved to witness loved ones from young kiddos to fathers and grandfathers performing the pinning. Congratulations Casey Pera and N and P! Third generation firefighter and legacy. Proud and grateful. 👨‍🚒 🔥 🚒 365 days of gratitude…day 160(160/ 365/y13) #365DaysofGratitude #GratitudeGirl #DailyGratitude #EverydayMagic #gratefulone #littlethings #grateful #centralcountyfire

Posted by lindsaypera at 2023-02-10 05:28:02 UTC