Timothi Jane Graham said it all so perfectly. Grace Swanson was everything to this little community. I refuse to grieve and instead will do my best to offer the deepest bow of reverence, celebration and gratitude possible in her honor. Such a life well lived. So much love report forward.  The first time I met Grace she looked into my eyes and said “good to see you again.” That kind of love transcends lifetimes. We love and adore you right back beautiful one. Blessings on your journey ahead. 🕊️ 💕✨ 365 days of gratitude…day 159(159/ 365/y13) #365DaysofGratitude #GratitudeGirl #DailyGratitude #EverydayMagic #gratefulone #littlethings #grateful

Posted by lindsaypera at 2023-02-09 08:09:15 UTC