In this period of personal, societal, and planetary transformation, we confront enormous prosperity and abundance alongside overwhelming poverty, inequality, and greed. Over many generations, our leaders have exploited earth’s resources and organized money and power to create today’s grave climate catastrophe and institutionalized social injustice. As individuals we can feel overwhelmed, incapacitated, and furious. Amid these feelings, how do we move forward with pure intention, purposeful creativity, and love? How do we invest our time, energy, and money to build a better life and world when there seem to be so many demands on our attention? What do prosperity and abundance mean to us as spiritual and emotional beings, and materially as financial participants in this economy? ABOUT Karin Berardo Karin has been a climate finance innovator for over 30 years, building a career as a banker for a healthy planet. Karin has served as the first female CEO of a renewable energy finance company in the Abu Dhabi Global Markets in the United Arab Emirates, raised the first global investment fund to finance workforce housing and related infrastructure in South Africa, and led research on sustainable natural resources to management and policy in the Brazilian Amazon, delivering a report that guided World Bank funding strategies in the region. Karin has developed and financed over $2 billion of sustainable infrastructure projects in regenerative agriculture, commercial real estate, renewable energy, waste management, conservation, and natural capital solutions on five continents. Currently, Karin is the Founder and CEO of ABREN, an advisory company focused on impact investing, cleantech, and natural infrastructure assets in emerging markets. She also serves as the Chief Investment Officer of the DC Green Bank, overseeing lending strategy and operations to promote climate transformation and inclusive prosperity in the District of Columbia, and participates in the Coalition for Green Capital and the new National Green Bank initiative. Most recently, Karin was Sustainable Debt Director for NatureVest/The Nature Conservancy, where she structured sovereign debt and capacity-building solutions to repair and protect the world’s oceans.

Posted by The Mystics Oracle at 2023-02-07 03:40:28 UTC