Spiritualist, author and divine teacher Octavia Butler reminds us in Parable of the Sower, "All that you touch you Change. All that you Change Changes you. The only lasting truth is Change. God Is Change.” Beautiful to read and yet so hard to live into when the stakes are high and the road feels so long. 2023 greets many of us at a time when the promise of a fulfilled spiritual and political life has not been met. Even worse, rather than momentum towards inclusion and acceptance in society, narrow-minded conspiracy theorists control much of the daily narrative. This insidious narrative and current bleak reality have impacted our physical, political, emotional, and spiritual lives, and those of our societies. To turn on the news is to deal with the chaos and uncertainty of these times. From ongoing pandemics, endemic racism and heteropatriarchy, oligarchy and the vestiges of imperialism, and empowered willful ignorance, it is not surprising that despair is rampant. We thought the change would come at so many junctures, but when it did it felt like “change” for the worse, not better. Legislation has been stymied, the impacts of bad policy continue and even our connections to one another feel more frayed. Nicole Lee is a diversity, equity, and inclusion expert, leadership coach, nationally recognized speaker and strategist who regularly consults with nonprofits, schools, businesses, and political and social movements to improve their climate for themselves and all those that they serve. Schools, businesses, and political and social movements improve their climate for themselves and all those that they serve. Order your 2023 Mystics Almanac now and gain the peace of mind to carry you through the entire year.

Posted by The Mystics Oracle at 2023-01-31 14:00:54 UTC