Thank you all for participating in our 2023 Mystics Almanac Celebration! I will be closing the Mystics Society later today so that it is only accessible for our app members who have upgraded their access. We have loved having you all join us this week and hope you will consider upgrading. The Mystics Society is our community space for engaging and connecting with one another. That is where Lindsay is active and offering her support to you in how it relates to the energies of the year. What you get for being a member... 1) In-app version of the 2023 almanac 2) Community space for connecting with other Mystics 3) Monthly Content to take you through the wheel of the year and help you build resonance and your rightlivelihood. And Bonus: You have easy access to Gratitude Girl. Thank you again for being a valued member of our community! We look forward to seeing you inside the Mystics Society.

Posted by Sherrie at 2023-01-28 21:24:52 UTC