Today is Day 4 of 2023 Mystics Almanac Celebration and we are so excited you've joined us here in the app! If you've been following along we have so many opportunities for fun and prizes! Be on the lookout for the daily challenge post in the Mystics Society. The Mystics Society is our community space where you can connect with one another, this week only it's open to everyone, but if you want to keep the conversation going be sure to upgrade to premium. Golden ticket time! There are 2 tickets to be found! Today's hints... 1) Are you looking to create resonance in your business or work? Join us in person this March in California! 2) Who doesn't love free gifts? We have gifts for everyone. Remember to message me the location of the golden ticket when you find it!

Posted by Sherrie at 2023-01-26 19:01:02 UTC