Where you journey in the dream space is a landscape not so different from the earthly landscape. It is the dreamscape, which, in some cultures, is a more fundamental realm of reality than the waking world. It's a dimension, a realm, a space to connect with memories, process emotions, and glimpse events past, present, and future. When this card is present, it is a call to honor messages from the ethers. It is a call to look at your core routines so as to better support your connection to the dreamscape. Are you taking care of your sleep and your quiet time? Are you creating space to come out of sleep in a good way? A little goes a long way when it comes to honoring your dreams and pulling the key threads through the ethers. Your guides and higher self are waiting with insights for you. Allow them in, and invite in the magic. To learn more, order your copy of the 2023 Mystic Almanac now

Posted by The Mystics Oracle at 2023-01-23 01:59:30 UTC