The Conscious Inner Journey to Resonance begins with a surrender into the self. This is your time to go deeply inward. So much has changed in our outer experience over the last few years; it is time to let that shift truly integrate deeply within and calibrate our definition of self from that integrated place. In 2023 you can continue to expect much shift and change as we continue to face very harsh realities in our roles as global citizens, but what will dictate how you experience these times before us will be the inner wisdom, fortitude, and strength you cultivate. As we say in the Mystics path, “roots down, wings up.” In 2023, you want to pace yourself to go slowly enough to be truly present to what wants to be seen. You want to be able to face honestly and truthfully the callings of your heart and soul. This is not the time to override what you know to be true in your cells. Quite the opposite, listening now to this inner voice and developing a deeper trust with your internal systems for “knowing” - the intersection of your intellectual knowing and your intuitive knowing - will serve you well. Your inner and higher selves will be your greatest companions on the journey. And there is no place we can create true resonance in our lives and in our world without first getting conscious of all that wants to be seen, genuinely and without judgment or malice. Be kind to yourself and your neighbor. Because for all the changes and shifts (literal and metaphoric) that you are facing, remember they are facing their own version as well. There is no hierarchy of trauma and yet not everyone’s trauma is the same. Continuing to face fears and doing the inner work will lighten your load and ensure the efforts of the year to come are not in vain.

Posted by The Mystics Oracle at 2023-01-04 15:00:52 UTC