How will you show up to each new day this month? Our Resident Astrologer, Katina Castillo, has these astrological insights to inspire you. TODAY, January 3rd: Venus ingress 0 Aquarius A lighten-ing and perhaps a lightning of awareness of our worth, star quality, and visionary power. Soar above the seen and manifest to see the infinite potential of what’s yet to be created. ☼ Thursday, January 5th: Sun in Capricorn trine Uranus Rx in Taurus at 15 degrees A grounding activation of our manifestation abilities and sense of personal empowerment. How we show up to each new day recreates the world around us. ☾ Friday, January 6th: Full Moon 16 Cancer A birth. A fruition of intentionality, commitment, responsibility and discipline. An emotional fulfillment. A completion of care for ourselves and what matters most. ☼ Saturday, January 7th: Sun conjunct Mercury Rx 16 degrees Capricorn What we could not see, were not prepared to understand then, is made clear now. Truth is always sobering. Celebrate clarity regardless of its severity. Knowing the reality in full is a gift. ☆ Sunday, January 8th: Mercury Rx in Capricorn trine Uranus Rx in Taurus at 15 degrees We are halfway through a lesson of long-term understanding about how creation, abundance and sustainability works on this planet - how it depends on what we value with our time, attention and effort. Note today’s, particularly poignant insight. ☆ Monday, January 9th: Venus in Aquarius trine Mars Rx in Gemini at 8 degrees The Lovers meet and find common language through which to connect. Needs, desires, goals and vulnerabilities can be shared with greater ease. Divine Feminine helps Sacred Masculine see the bigger picture. Sacred Masculine offers Divine Feminine a correction of a misperception. Harmony unfolds. Book a reading with Katina.

Posted by The Mystics Oracle at 2023-01-04 03:21:45 UTC