The Love card in the realm of our Health & Wellbeing reminds us that the harmony we seek in the world around us must start from within. This past year, in 2022, our health was guided by the Discernment card, which helped us learn what worked and didn’t work for our health and wellbeing. This year, let us double down on that discernment of what matters to us most in our inner being and make conscious choices to better take care of ourselves, to honor more deeply the cravings of our body and soul, and to love ourselves more authentically and truly. Think radical self-care meets deepest self-compassion. Honor yourself and love yourself up as hard as you can.The inhibitors of Love include fear, grasping, tethering, smothering, and striving.The allies to Love are listening, allowing, honoring, releasing, giving, and receiving. When fear or worry about dis-ease comes up, how might a more loving and attentive approach support your and others’ wellbeing?The affirmation is, “I listen to the whispers of my heart and I let love in.”The Health & Wellbeing inquiry you can take to your journal throughout the year is, “How can I open my heart more?” As the year comes to a close, why not make a date to journal or ritual with yourself about this reading for your Health & Wellbeing. Prepare for the year ahead and predict ideal timing for significant life events — consult a full 12 months of oracle readings, astrological forecasts, and more in the 2023 Almanac!

Posted by The Mystics Oracle at 2022-12-20 03:10:32 UTC