99% of the time there is no true “overnight success.” Behind every successful business you’ll typically find years of living, learning, losing, and trying again. 11 years ago we launched our first app. It was an app for people living with chronic illness who wanted a better way to track their symptoms and understand how various factors like sleep, food, supplements, rx protocols, movement, etc., affected them and impacted their health journey. We ended up creating both mobile and desktop versions of the app,  but bumped into fundamental resistance on the side of practitioners because no one was ready to invest in tablets or mobile intake devices in doctors offices. Yet. Fast forward just over a decade and it’s rare to find a medical practitioner who isn’t using digital technology, often mobile, to do their client intake, recordkeeping, etc. Definitely, not the first time we’ve been a bit ahead of our time. My very first start-up after leaving management consulting was a company that provided mobile solutions for large real estate investment trusts, and although our CEO was a former Motorola star, we still faced years of resistance trying to get mobile solutions adopted and into the hands of remote service providers. In the years since the creation of my first app, we began focusing on iOS apps exclusively, specifically helping companies create visual tracking based life wheels, health wheel apps, apps for emotional literacy, kids apps and other white label versions of our software. Today, only one of those apps remains from those early days, but our newest app (a digital companion to our annual Mystics Almanac and home to our membership community the Mystics Society) is a resource that supports anyone on a journey of self discovery, curiosity, right livelihood and more. It continues to grow day by day - is independent from Facebook!!! - and remind us of the power of mobile solutions at our fingertips. Even Gratitude Girl posts her daily gratitude over there for folks who like yo follow along but are over the drain of social media today. It’s not always fun navigating the ups and downs of life and business, but every twist and turn on the journey provides new connections, new, curiosity, and new solutions. I’m feeling grateful for how far we’ve come, and all we’ve learned along the way. Huge gratitude to all who have witnessed this journey, and who have offered so much love and support along the way…Gratitude Girl is forever grateful.  365 days of gratitude...day 96 (96/365/y13) #365DaysofGratitude #GratitudeGirl #DailyGratitude #EverydayMagic #gratefulone #mysticmama #perakeets #eyelashmoon #grateful #hawksperch #entrepreneur #softwaredesign #chronicwellness

Posted by lindsaypera at 2022-12-06 08:44:57 UTC