"The world doesn't need more doers, it needs more Mystics." In her Akashic Records reading for 2023, Priscilla Stephan shares specific ways that each of us can activate and sustain our individual capacities to affect change: themes to work with, energetic protocols, ways to simplify, and values to focus on. Pre-sales have now started for the 2023 Almanac! Inside the Almanac, you'll find oracle and astrological forecasts to help you prepare for the year ahead, and predict the ideal timing for significant life events. Every year, we create the Almanac in collaboration with our amazing team at the Modern Mystics Institute and our incredible circle of contributors. Together, we are well-guided, well-protected, and well-blessed. Pre-order your 2023 Almanac now!

Posted by The Mystics Oracle at 2022-12-05 04:30:45 UTC