We will end this year exactly between a new moon and the full moon which will kick off 2023. This seems fitting as the end of this year will feel pregnant with the expected outcomes of our hard worked plans and efforts. This has been a year of integration. This month your permissions for designing a life that is truly thriving, resonant, and prosperous are illuminated for your review. Who has their foot on the brake of your destiny? Is it you? By facing your fears you can reset those permissions and begin to move forward in new, potent, and aligned ways. Fear can be your ally and your guide if you let it. Ask yourself, "what lies on the other side of my fear?" Make your decisions and choices from there. Each month we pull cards that relate to the three primary "Transformational Levers" in our lives: our relationships, our wellbeing, and our prosperity. This month's cards are... Relationships (with yourself and others) - Outer Wellbeing (health and happiness) - Fear Prosperity (money and abundance) - North The guidance for each of these cards are as follows- Relationships (with yourself and others): We are all connected. Wellbeing (health and happiness): Your fear can be your greatest teacher. Prosperity (money and abundance): The north is the direction of the “not knowing” and the unseen realms. Want to learn more - join our community to get more free insights about the monthly forecast, guidance, and energetic tips.

Posted by The Mystics Oracle at 2022-12-01 08:01:23 UTC