The astrology for November asks us if we have been making decisions from a place of Love or Fear. How can we choose from the soul rather than the ego in our interactions this month? Our Resident Astrologer, Katina Castillo, has this to offer: "It’s good to want to improve, to be committed to sustaining evolution, but we can become obsessive, controlling, pushy and arrogant if we are not careful to presence ourselves in the truth and beauty of reality as it is now, both in Light and Shadow. There is potential to experience incredible intimacy, sexual potency, and spiritual communion now. But unfortunately, toxicity, sabotage, and manipulation are just as much of a choice with these energies. Perhaps what density in our beingness has been alchemized becomes integrated as the truth of who we are now, and therefore elicits a more positive outlook on the journey ahead, a more optimistic narration of our story. There are great healing waters flowing this month which will hopefully soothe the mental fixation on making things even better now that we have renewed confidence in our manifestation ability..."

Posted by The Mystics Oracle at 2022-11-23 00:55:09 UTC