The caterpillar has a journey before it when it follows its original instructions to weave a cocoon. It does not know what kind of butterfly it will become, but it does know what to do next. The process of becoming a butterfly is a process of release and transformation. However, what if once the transformation was complete, the butterfly failed to free itself from the cocoon, instead staying wrapped tightly in its silken cave, never to show its glorious colors to the world? Breakthrough takes courage. It takes aligned action. It takes release. As the butterfly chews her way out and emerges into the world reborn, she unfurls her wings and allows them to dry in the air around her. She learns of her beauty, radiance, and her ability to fly. A time of breaththrough is upon you. Go slowly and follow the wisdom of the butterfly, one aligned action step at a time. A glorious new you awaits on the other side.

Posted by The Mystics Oracle at 2022-11-03 00:30:32 UTC