2022’s focus will be on our personal resources, with whom and how we invest and exchange them, and the great power to make the change we have in this. The material outcomes of these choices will be starker, and our awareness as to how trust or fear within our psyche is guiding these will be, too. There will be a deeply personal illumination of how the quality and use of our sexual energy and soul resonance largely determines what we desire, attract and create, and what Shadow work may be required to bring this power into greater integrity with who we know and want ourselves to be. It will be an incredibly potent year to dispel projection, manipulation, expectation, and dissociation that negate our personal power and sovereignty as well as that of others, in favor of harmonizing our inner forces in a sacred union so that we can come together more intimately, creatively and committedly than ever before. - Katina About Katina Castillo Passionate Pure Heart, Spiritual Warrior, Earth Guardian, Wisdom Keeper, and Priestess for the Goddess, she channels natural cycles of change. A daughter, sister, auntie, friend, and guide, her purpose is Love and Freedom for all. B.A. English: Folklore & Cultural Studies. M.A. Decolonial Depth Psychology: Community, Liberation, Indigenous and Eco- Psychologies. Order your 2022 Mystics Almanac now and gain the peace of mind to carry you through the entire year.

Posted by The Mystics Oracle at 2022-10-21 02:21:08 UTC