Don’t go! 🙏💕♾ The Ballplayer and his sweetheart songbird visited for the weekend. New ride, new school, new season - and it’s just so good to see him so happy after all of the Covid grief. He’s got two years of NAIA eligibility left so it’s like a fresh start and we couldn’t be more happy for him to have landed in such a good place. They say you’re only as happy as your least happy kid, and we are working on getting all three back into a space of joy and peace. Having the whole family together sure goes a long way to lifting everyone’s spirits. Happy heart, happy kid, happy family, happy mama. Grateful for family time and perfect autumn weekends. Oh! And Godfathers and apricot cordial making and stock simmering and quince membrillo magic in the kitchen. So much thankfulness all around. 💕💕💕 365 days of 47 (47/365/y13) #365DaysofGratitude #GratitudeGirl #DailyGratitude #EverydayMagic #gratefulone #mysticmamas #puremagic #hawksperch #theballplayer #perakeets #p6

Posted by lindsaypera at 2022-10-17 05:50:59 UTC