We see the Children card present for the second month in a row, this time governing our Health and Wellbeing. What would it be for you to bring childlike wonder to your wellness routines this month? Every decision has an impact. Every intention plants a seed. What would it be to walk in this world with the knowledge that you were doing all you could to leave the places you inhabited better than you found them? How could that apply to your home? Your business? Your heart and relationships? The children remind you to look beyond the sphere of your own lens and illusions. Raise your eyes to the horizon and look for the downstream impacts of your actions. Are you aligned with how you want to show up in the world? How will your actions affect the generations to come? Is it time to check in with your inner child? Does your inner child have a message for you? You have a powerful opportunity to influence your legacy here. The invitation is yours to consider.

Posted by The Mystics Oracle at 2022-10-15 02:41:13 UTC